Cure And The Cause: A New LA Dance Floor Remedy

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Cure And The Cause, a recently opened boutique venue in LA’s Glendale area sets out to preserve, remedy and pay homage to legendary house music all night long. As in seven nights a week. Helmed by Good For You Records founder and president Kenny Summit, the boutique space offers up a dark and smoke-filled dance floor and an impeccable sound system meant for those who want to delve a bit further in a night crawling experience. There’s also the golden rule of a cell phone-free zone at Cure And The Cause, which supports its mission to bring things back to OG music scene vibes.


The tone and voice of this new destination for house heads come as no surprise, given Summit’s background and history of opening up nightclubs in NYC reigned for 10 years, and with over 25 top 10 releases in the last few years, he’s become a staple of the house music genre; his unique approach to producing music with an underground angle led him to collaborate on a number of projects with industry giants.

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Image courtesy of Kenny Summit

“This boutique space offers a refuge to those who seek to escape the confines of ever day life, to those who want a little more out of their club experience, to those who thirst for those magical moments that can only be found on dark, smoke-filled dance floors.” — Kenny Summit


We encourage you to experience this energy Summit and friends are providing right here in LA if you want out of the typical mainstream nightclub elements and onto a more sustainable dance floor. Like them here, where you can also feast on their March ’16 lineup.

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