Horfee and unveiled an installation created specifically for the store. In addition, New Image Art Gallery will host Horfee's first solo exhibit in the states. How did this all tie in? Horfee's work will supplement G-Star RAW's "For the Oceans" initiative. Catch the behind the scenes video of pre-pro art: http://vimeo.com/106453696 We stopped by the party to congratulate the plentiful efforts, curations and powerful initiatives the brand is putting forth and took some snapshots. Way to go on a 10 year anniversary on Melrose. [gallery ids="28822,28823,28824,28825,28826"] G-Star RAW is located at 7966 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Get tweety with them HERE." rel="nofollow" title="G-Star Raw Celebrates 10 years on Melrose' />

Communal Efforts: Creative Recreation + #HashtagLunchbag

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#HashtagLunchbag is a humanitarian service movement dedicated to creating fun environments to bring together diverse groups of compassionate people in local communities across the world to focus out and give back; a movement dedicated to utilizing social media to bring awareness to and eliminate hunger in local communities. Recently, original footwear brand with a mad styles we vibe with, Creative Recreation, hosted its second #HashtagLunchbag communal effort, where the team and friends came together at their headquarters to stuff bags with food, encouraging messages and goodies to distribute to everyone they could reach on Skid Row in DTLA.

You know what’s even cooler? They plan on making this a continuous volunteer opportunity to help build their brand community and altruistic lifestyle. Peep the gallery with snapshots by Mark Wales, and here’s how you can GET INVOLVED.


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