But first, Matchabar.

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Never heard of Matcha? Let us help you out:

Matcha /’mat.tɕa/ n.

1. A Japanese powdered green tea, historically used to enhance one’s focus, energy, and alertness. 2. The stone-ground powder derived from the topmost leaves of the first harvest of a green tea crop.

Enter MatchaBar, a New York based drinkery that brews hot and cold Matcha inspired drinks is hitting LA this past weekend. Known to serve it’s own brand of Matcha sourced directly from an independent family farm in Nishio, Japan, this place has become favorite among New Yorkers and is bond to be a hit with Matcha enthusiasts—and enthusiasts of new LA hot spots in general.

MatchaBar 2

The beautiful, electric green color of our matcha is a testament to its excellent quality. Our matcha has an earthy full-bodied flavor, with a creamy texture, natural sweetness, and a strong umami after-taste. Like a fine wine, matcha has a highly developed flavor profile that lingers after consumed — subtle and delicious.

Head over to the already popular Alfred’s Coffee on Melrose in Weho for this two-day pop-up event. June 27 – 28 where MachtaBar will be slinging up signature iced matcha drinks in a variety of flavors, from peach to mint to vanilla almond, plus a new drink option exclusive to L.A..

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