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Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015
Photo via Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015

If you’re a dance music fan or festival-goer in LA, chances are you’ve heard of Do LaB – the fun-loving team behind Coachella’s most colorful (and arguably most dynamic) stage, and masterminds of the premiere campout festival Lightning in a Bottle. As one of LIB’s most popular stages, the Woogie’s lineup of both legendary and up-and-coming house and techno selectors has a cult following that made it the perfect selection for an off-shoot gathering of its own: Woogie Weekend.

Last year, the inaugural event was a resounding success and this year it returns to Oak Canyon Park on July 8-10, bringing an impeccable lineup featuring everyone from mushroom jazz legend Mark Farina to Montreal’s Blond:ish and the newly revealed special guest, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (T.E.E.D). Peep the full lineup here.

Ahead of the event, we speak to Woogie Weekend performer Anton Tumas – a stalwart champion of the West Coast’s dance music scene. In addition to hosting an after hours session at Woogie Weekend with his label, Subtract, Anton is also behind one of Long Beach’s best parties Subtract on the Pier and is also a skilled sound and system tuner. Check out our interview with him below.

Woogie Weekend, 2015

LAC: You came here from Moscow 23 years ago. How did your involvement here in the dance music community begin?

I am someone who has loved the electronic shades of music for as long as I can remember, but in 2010 after moving on from my previous career and having some spare time, I decided to take a shot at throwing events, so I could book two of my favorite artists at the time: Henry Saiz & Marc Marzenit. Years and many events later, I am always perfect that formula, meeting new and amazing music that inspire me and together we are driving this scene forward!

You are playing at Woogie Weekend and Subtract is also hosting after hours. How did you first get involved with Do LaB?

I’ve been going to LIB since it was in Santa Barbara many years ago, and have also played my share of sets at the festival. A few months ago we teamed up with Do LaB’s Favela Bar to do an official LIB Pre-Party, which was a huge success. The after hours is our second official venture together, and one I’m really excited about!

Anton Tumas by Rory Alcantar
Anton Tumas playing at Further Future festival. Photo: Rory Alcantar

What can we expect from both your set and the after hours?

I am playing last, so the ending is going to be close to dawn. I don’t plan my sets, and just feel-out the vibe of the moment before starting and taking things in the direction that I want. The other 3 Subtract artists are all bringing something very unique to the table, so it really should be a “best of” in house and techno.

What are you personally looking forward to most at Woogie Weekend?

Besides some of the best outdoor vibes around, which is what really brings us all together, there’re too many of my all-time favorite producers on there. I mean this line-up is on FIRE! If I had to pick a few that move me the most, I’d have to say Sebastian Mullaert, Roman Flügel and NU, but really you have to check out virtually every artist on the line-up. Every artist booked is doing something truly unique and wonderful in our musical universe!

Anton spins on Sunday at Woogie Weekend alongside acts Jon Hopkins (Live), Extrawelt (Live), Oona Dahl, Damian Lazarus, Lauren Ritter, Joeski and more. He also spins on Friday with his Subtract crew during after hours. Woogie Weekend happens July 8-10 at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA just outside of Irvine.

Purchase tickets for Woogie Weekend here.


[Full disclosure: The author of this post is a former Do LaB publicist who no longer has any affiliation. All opinions expressed are her own.]

Featured Image: Rory Alcantar

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