Bottoms Up: The Fastest Growing Mezcal in LA

By Jessie Ma
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Tequila shot with lemon slice and salt

When it comes to alcohol, the folks over at Mezcal El Silencio know quality.

From only “premium” to “super-premium” ingredients (like its 10+ years-aged organic agave), with exquisite packaging and unique cocktail recipes, this brand stands out from the rest in every arena. Hand-crafted by artisans in San Baltazar Guelavia, Oaxaca, Mexico, El Silencio is roasted in underground pits, giving it its’ boasts a signature “smoky” flavor, with variations that make it possible to create a cocktail that caters to even the pickiest of drinkers.


There’s no shortage of character in every sip, and your one glass will turn into a sampling of several once you realize how flawlessly they can mix.

The Joven bottle is a super premium blend with the smooth aroma of sun-dried vegetables, leather, dried fruit, and sweet smoke, and the taste of white pepper, jasmine, fennel, and spices. Still not enough for you? The finish is lightly charred with touches of tobacco, minerals, and chile. You can sip on this or shake it up into a cocktail. Follow their Instagram account for recipe ideas.

For you more intense tequila heads, there’s the Espadín, AKA the most versatile premium Mezcal on the market. Espadín possesses a smoke, ash, and baking spices aroma with the taste of roasted figs, sweet potatoes, and charred stone fruit. The finish is predominately white pepper, bell pepper, and a myriad of baking spices. Mix or sip.





You can purchase El Silencio online, or use the product locator to find El Silencio at a local bar/restaurant or liquor store near you.

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