Behind the Lens with Chris and Sarah Rhoads

By Jessie Ma
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When you envision your soul mate, you might imagine someone with similar tastes— you know,  in humor, lifestyle, hobbies, etc. But Chris and Sarah Rhoads’ common ground is not just a keen eye, it’s their wildly successful photography careers. As two natural creatives who fell in love, the couple went from sharing their passion to sharing a business, eventually merging their two Rhoads completely. These days, the photography duo has shot everyone from Taylor Swift and the Jenner sisters, to Father John Misty and Shaun Ross for our Gentleman’s Issue cover.

The intricacies in each story of romance v. career inspired our friends at The Dreslyn to profile co-working partners in The Work Love Series. Read more about Chris and Sarah, here.


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images via The Dreslyn


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