Art Hype: Rupert Lamontagne’s 50 Girls Of Summer

By Tyler Allen
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Alas, our favorite season is here along with the first round of Rupert Lamontagne‘s 4-part photo series for C-heads Magazine. “50 Girls of Summer” is a visually outstanding homage to women as they relish in the summer season. The Canadian photographer left us wanting more with last summer’s series, showing girls lounging in mansions, roaming in the countryside, and exploring sun-drenched woods. This year, the project kicks off in Montreal with simple, yet stunning portraits of beautiful women in urban settings. The photographs are enchanting to say the least, check them out for yourself:

50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-18 50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-16 50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-15 50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-14 50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-13 50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-12 50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-11 50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-10 50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-9 50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-8 50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-7 50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-5 50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-4 50-girls-of-summer-by-Rupert-LaMontagne-for-C-Heads-1-2 50 girls of summer_03 50 girls of summer_02 50 girls of summer-01



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