Art Hype: A Rain Room Takes Over LACMA

By Tyler Allen
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Angelenos are always eager to claim “I love when it rains!”— however, in the off chance that it does rain, these so-called rain lovers are cooped up inside with Netflix and calories. Welp, we’ve got the perfect art installation for you. The infamous “Rain Room”, an art installation that allows visitors to walk through rain without getting wet, is opening at LACMA on Novermber 1 and will run until March 6. The 25,00 square foot installation is equipped with sensors that adjust the pouring water to keep you dry as you move throughout the space – um, awesome.

 Photograph by Felix Clay.

The “Rain Room” has become wildly popular since it’s success at London’s Barbican Centre and the Museum of Modern Art in New York so make sure you’ve cleared your plans for the day and your phones are charged because you could be waiting up to 8 hours to get into this unique installation. Who’s the mastermind behind the installation? Well it’s a few masterminds actually. London-based art collective Random International built the space to heighten people’s awareness of their presence in a space. And in case you haven’t seen the 10 million news reports or billboards, California is in a severe drought, but the show must go on. The 330 gallons of water being used for the installation is completely recycled through a closed-loop system.

Rain Room, by Random International, at the Curve Gallery, Barbican Art Gallery, in London. The installation is in place and open to the public from 4th October until 3rd March 2013. Photograph by Felix Clay.

Looks like we’ve got some time to kill until November, perhaps we’ll start lining up now.

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