Art Basel 2015’s Personal Touches

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Miami’s Art Basel is known for its Warhols, its Faireys, its Harings, but it’s not just about art from guys like that which you can’t afford. Oh, you can afford it? Well then here’s a list of charities you should think about dropping money on instead.


Basel is also about design. Recently LA CANVAS walked you through Elle Decor’s staged house, and it was pretty sick. But a number of other companies, such as Patrick Cain Designs, were showing and had less of a budget to make a splash. So, here’s one, who I think reminds us all of the importance of details.



Laufen, which is by no means an entry level maker of sinks was showing next door to PCD in Miami’s design area—the Ironside district. In a project to embody “Brazilianess” they had artist make custom sinks. Or should I say, enhance a line of their sinks with their signature styles.

And instead of going into who each of these people are and get bogged down in the project as whole, I’d rather focus on the greater takeaway: Make it your own.

Your home, your apartment, your condo, your cardboard box next to the LA River, that shit is yours. Our personal styles are what makes a dwelling into something special. And sure, very few of us have the ability to design a sink like this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your touch. Off the shelf goods can add a touch, it’s about how you use it.


Case in point, walking into IKEA and saying “oh my God I wish this was my room/kitchen/whatever…” That’s okay.

Walking into IKEA and buying everything in that scene so it literally is your room/kitchen/whatever, NOT OKAY.

You’re living someone else’s vision that way. Live yours.

These sinks are an example of a creative element that you can add. But it doesn’t have to be these — and realistically won’t be. There are ways, get creative and don’t hold back.


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