About Time: Tommy Chong Premieres His First Cannabis Collection for 4/20

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In light of the lit holiday mass celebrated across our broad city, we introduce the 4/20 launched Chong’s Choice, a high grade medical cannabis hand selected by the weed activist Tommy Chong of the infamous ’70s comedy duo Cheech and Chong. Available at over 25 dispensaries across California as of today, consider this the stoner Christmas.

This launch assortment includes traditional Flower Jars of locally grown, high grade Indica (Chong Daddy Purple), Sativa (My Friend Jack), and Hybrid (Choice OG Kush), along with oil cartridges with award-winning THC oil, convenientDisposable Vape Pens and 5-Pack Pre-Rolls, as well as edible THC-Infused Breath Strips.  Essentially no matter how you smoke, Chong has something in his roster to put you in a better mood.



A voice for the legalization movement, Chong refuses for his line to be seen in the same vein as a endorsed perfume collaboration.

“My goal is to get Cannabis recognized by the American Medical Association as a viable medicine for various ailments, including Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, MS, and Cancer, and who knows what else,” said Chong.

Get to puffing and passing and let us know how it stacks up.


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