A Dash Of Decadence: Golden Box LA

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What has five shimmering disco balls, Interview Magazine tear sheets plastered to the floor, and neon pink signage that reads, Eat My Golden Box? Golden Box, that’s what. A rare find in the heart of Hollywood, this nightspot comes without the usual $20 cover, artisanal cocktail program, or mixology madness. In fact, the drinks are straightforward spirits: reasonably priced beers and wines (who knew that was even a thing anymore?), served from a bar that takes a back seat to music, live acts, and letting loose on the dance floor. In other words, this is the place for folks who just want to get down. Who knows? You might just leave with gold confetti in your hair.


Heavily inspired by the vibe of 1980’s Downtown Manhattan, Golden Box opened its doors back in November at the hands of nightlife impresario Jeremy Fall. The venue followed on the heels of Fall’s first pop-up club, Genesis, also located on Hollywood Boulevard. Golden Box sits on the corner of Hollywood and Las Palmas, in the heart of the infamous club corridor. The small-ish space consists mostly of a dance floor, anchored by a caged-in DJ booth and sparsely peppered with lounge tables. Fall’s desire to open Golden Box after the success of Genesis required an in-depth timeline of research. “While building Golden Box, I went through about 100 names which were all really mediocre. The project was about creating an 80s-inspired venue that felt like it could have actually existed during that era. I think a lot of people nowadays go for gimmick over authenticity, and design projects that are strictly pulling from the highlights of that specific era.” For instance? “If someone were to build a venue about the decade we’re in right now in 30 years, they would make it over the top with Facebook logos, 2 Chainz on repeat, and footage of Justin Bieber getting arrested. It wouldn’t actually feel like what we’re living right now, but would just highlight an aerial view of it. I wanted to have people that actually experienced that decade of nightlife to walk in and immediately feel that nostalgia.”

Photography: Joe Perri



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