A Black Woman for Valentine’s Day

By Modern Mahogany
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Black women. So desirable. So vivacious. So accredited. Imagine taking the power of the sun, and harmonizing with it. I Love the black woman. There are so many wonderful traits and characteristics that black women possess, one can easily become overwhelmed. When I think about black women, I think about strength and unity. Our very existence, is remarkable. Though sometimes society turns a blind eye we still are beautiful.

Gravity defying hair, skin soaking up the rays of the sun and smiles brighter than the moon. Black women are beautiful beyond the visions of billboards. A multitude of colors ranging through a rainbow full of melanin shades, saturate the earth in unison with the natural texture of admiration. Black women possess a beauty, that can be touched, with permission of course, and adored beyond a skin deep attraction. Black women deserve to be celebrated, and this Valentine’s day, I advise you to go get a coco beauty and love the suppression out of her.

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***Slides back onto your Timeline*** When I was on vacation three weeks ago it was one of the most busy/stressful/blessed times I’ve experienced this year thus far but it wasn’t even a vacation for me at all 😭 so I decided to take a real one and unplugged for two weeks from social media. ____ In today’s society people love to push the narrative that you can “sleep when you’re dead” or my favorite one, “you’re too young to be tired.” The world will have you thinking, especially social media, that it’s not ok to rest and if you’re not grinding 24/7 you don’t want it bad enough. This is a perpetuating cycle of toxic thinking that we have to stop passing down. ____ Yes, the Word of God says “…those UNWILLING to work, will not get to eat” -2 THESSALONIANS 3:10, I’m willing Lord but He knows when I need rest 😩😭. It’s imperative to find a HEALTHY balance between work and rest. When your body, mind or spirit says rest, you should listen. Well I’m well rested now lol so anyways vacation mode is OVER… 🤗 back to our regularly scheduled ratchet/ righteous post 😂💪🏿💃🏿

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Black women want love. Raw, unfiltered and critically acclaimed love. Love so full that its depths reach past our generation and into the very essence of the next. Love that stretches longer than our locks can grow. We want earth-shattering, negative connotation changing, type love. Today we celebrate black women being loved properly. The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t come wrapped in a package shaped like a heart. She comes wrapped in warmth from all the sun soaking biological beauty she embodies. Ready to fill your life with a sweetness, that no candy will satisfy. In honor of all the beautiful black women walking among us today, we celebrate you as the ultimate Valentine.

I asked a group of men what they love about black women. One thing they all agreed upon was that, melanin is magical. Being with a black woman is different than being with any other ethnicity. These men love the way you speak up ladies. Your lips are full, sharp, supple, and your voice matters. The attitude many are intimidated by, has an alluring affect that drives, only the most durable of souls. Many feel that black women’s beauty is so different and versatile when in comparison to other cultures, that it is misunderstood and often misinterpreted.

Nick, a comedian of European descent quotes, “designers need a less engaging canvas for their material.” He feels natural curves are so appealing, many designers might be threatened by a woman with such profound sensual physicality. This could be why many models of African descent with fuller figures have not been represented.

Joe, a Polynesian and European entrepreneur, loves black women so much, he won’t respect American society, due to the lack of positivity surrounding the essence of black women. His favorite thing about each beautiful browned goddess is her hair. He loves curly hair. Each strand of coil or spiral, reaches out with an invitation to explore a real life work of art.  He wouldn’t change anything about the way Black women were made. And neither would I.

This inner strength black women hold, comes from a concentrated background of proud, courageous and creative lineage. This Valentines’ day, your soul will crave every infinite fragrance, spicy note and tender gesture that comes with the vast variety of black femininity across the globe. So instead of rose petals, throw love at her feet. Light some candles, but ignite her desires just as eagerly. Allow her bronzed frame to embrace you and melt over your spirit. Listen to her ideas, her pains and her history. Indulge within yourself, a cultural curiosity that leads to the understanding of how to love a black woman best. 

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Ladies, everything from the infinite varieties of our skin tones to the cosmic combinations of our hair textures, you are loved by men and women all over the world. Don’t limit yourselves to the subjective of the American climate, you are meant to be loved by everyone and you are loved by everybody. You intimidate with how specific your beauty is, and the world is learning how to welcome such variance. You are the leading group of college graduates and entrepreneurs in this country. Men see this power and some are overawed by this nature. You are an enterprise, booming with status. There are many who will embrace you as a woman of African descent and admire every curve on your body and coil on your crown.

So this Valentine’s day, smile knowing that you are a gift from the most high. An inspiration of light, and worthy of love. No store run needed for that chocolate fix honey. You got it already. Coco, caramel, black sapote beauty queen. There is nothing else like you.

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