LAMP PRESENTS: The Leo Islo Playlist

By Adrian Flores
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The Los Angeles Music Project, affectionately known as LAMP, is turning 4 and they are starting their year off by throwing a banger. Join them February 25th from 6 pm – 2 am in downtown Santa Monica at the West End. Celebrating with LA tastemakers’ L’Affaire Musicale and Orlove Entertainment. These brands have built an incredible reputation for producing a plethora of music and events in and around Los Angeles. The night will feature the legendary Marques Wyatt, who is an avid promoter and advocate for growing a widening scene on LA’s west side. Marques with be joined with live sets by 2 of LAMP’s most prolific artists Leo Islo, and Le Monkey intermixed with DJ sets by LAMPS own Jaime Prado, PZB, Sleepycat & Damon Steele. This line-up couldn’t be more stacked. This budding young collectives birthday will be one you won’t want to miss.

Turning our focus to the swooning, smoldering LAMP producer out of Portland, Leo Iso, who made a splash last year with his track Coexist with artist Tontario, later dropping his EP Golden Grave featuring 3 epic tracks, Golden Grace, Euphoria, and Blame. Recently this musical powerhouse was remixed by Norwegian heavy hitter Dan Bravo. Needless to say, keep your eyes locked on this one.

Islo’s tracks carry immensely relatable messages commenting on topics such as his move from LA, love and his perspective on divorce. This 28-year-old musician holds wisdom far beyond his years, and his music explores and highlights that. He’s played shows up and down the west coast, and his live sets will have you up on your feet and salivating for more. With all this in mind and anticipation for LAMP’s event, we asked Islo to put together a playlist of his fav songs to listen to before a night out and why. These tracks will get you ready to blow out the candles on LAMP’s 3rd year alongside Islo this Saturday. Make sure to grab your tickets while you still can here.


Duke Dumont- The Giver

Yeah, it’s a track from 2012, but goddamn does it hold up. Every time I play a DJ set The Giver has to go on there. Just a solid-ass house tune, and probably one of the first tracks that got me interested the house genre.


Jai Paul- Genevieve

If anyone follows me on my socials, it’s no mystery that I’m obsessed with the mercurial Jai Paul. His music, to me, stands alone stylistically. One of my favorite tunes, which was released on his “leaked” self-titled LP, is the track, Genevieve. That baseline is EVERYTHING.


LEO ISLO- Blame (Jamie Prado Remix)

I have to give a shout out to fellow LA producer Jamie Prado, who did a remix of my tune Golden Grave. Such a great build up on this track- definitely a great “night starter” record.


Kaytranada- LITE SPOTS

99.9% has so many bangers that it makes choosing just one tough. But I love Kay’s take on Gal Costa’s “Pontos De Luz” (where does he find this stuff?!). He managed to inject just the right amount of his style alongside the original sample- it’s truly masterful.


Feel4U- Thierry Colon

I can’t recall on which blog I first heard of the Japan-based Sunni Colon – but the man makes a cold winter day feel like summer with this tune. This song oozes pure sunshine and funk.



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