5 Booths to Check Out at This Year’s LA Art Show

By Kimberly B. Johnson
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200,000 square feet of modern and contemporary art will consume the Los Angeles Convention Center between January 28th and January 31st. This is fantastic news for people who like to get in their zone with their preferred routine or recipe, and then proceed to geek out on art.

The LA Art Show welcomed more than 50,000 attendees to their 2015 showcase, which in retrospect, is a vast, vast number. And with upwards of 120 galleries to scope out, all representing 22 varying countries, there’s a lot to see. Lucky for us, we happen to be alive within the show’s over 20 year stretch to see the LA Art Show announcing its direct, exclusive focus on Modern and Contemporary art, designating a space separately for the LA Fine Art Show to showcase Traditional and Historical art.


All this news aside, this will be a watershed year for the LA Art Show, and it’s assortment of locally sourced and internationally sourced galleries is why. See what all the hype is about by checking out 5 must see booths, below.
“Her Voice Among the Aisles” by Audrey Pongracz
"Roaming Woods" by Josh Keller
“Roaming Woods” by Josh Keller
"Crone by Christina Mzrozik"
“Crone by Christina Mzrozik”
"Odd Couple" by David Rice
“Odd Couple” by David Rice
“Root and Marrow” by Christina Mzozik and Zoe Keller

1. Antler Gallery

Portland’s Antler Gallery specializes in presenting contemporary illustrators and painters who have taken a noticeable interest in animals and the natural elements; when visiting this booth, expect ideal finds in this regard. The gallery’s current show at their brick-and-mortar Portland location titled, Brink, deals with the topic of endangered species, doing so with less Sarah Mclachlan-infused dialogue, and more delicately executed watercolor and oil on canvas. A chunk of the exhibition proceeds will go towards a local wildlife conservation group as well.

When you make your stop at Antler’s LA Art Show booth, be sure to take your time, and get bathed in the expert skill of Audrey Pongracz, Christina Mzozik, Zoe Keller and David Rice, whose work can be seen above.

"Croissant" by John Kilduff
“Croissant” by John Kilduff
"Donut" by John Kilduff
“Donut” by John Kilduff
"Cake 2" by John Kilduff
“Cake 2” by John Kilduff

2. Daniel Rolnik Gallery

For the Daniel Rolnik Gallery x LA Art Show experience, expect a bakery– which, if you’re at all familiar with the gallery or Daniel Rolnik as a person, makes perfect sense. The quirky set up is in collaboration with performance and visual artist John Kilduff, whose Youtube video series titled “Let’s Paint” — where Kilduff paints food while on a treadmill — has earned him the title of “the Most Inspirational Outsider Art Maniac You’ve Never Heard Of,”  according to VICE.

While fine art fairs are notorious for being somewhat on the stuffier end of the spectrum, Rolnik brings his eccentric and offbeat curation to the forefront for this event. “Kilduff’s Bakery” is an art installation featuring artist John Kilduff’s daily menu of baked goods such as chocolate chip cookies, croissants, and pies, all of which are actually oil paintings. Also on display will be Turtle Wayne’s snack packs, Ferris Plock’s pizza sculpture, Tripper Dungan’s hand-carved wooden donuts, Kat Philbin’s sushi paintings, Bwana Spoons’ boba-drinking-sloth toys and Porous Walker’s soda fountain drawings.

There’s a lot to digest here, so foodies rejoice.

As a bonus, you can see Daniel Rolnik’s highly useful GUIDE TO HACKING THE LA ART SHOW, here.

“The Hay Wain” by Lluis Barb
“The Garden of Earthly Things” by Lluis Barba
“Santa Cena Leonardo The Holy” by Lluis Barba

3. The Cynthia Corbett Gallery

The Cynthia Corbett Gallery sits across the Atlantic in Wimbledon, London and is currently killing it with its array of mid-career and emerging American, European and British artists. Expert curation makes this gallery a standout, with a welcomed assortment of artists representing mediums from painting, sculpting, collaging, mixed media, photography to videography. For their LA Art Show debut, the The Cynthia Corbett Gallery will present a series of work from Catalan artist, Lluis Barba, entitled “Travelers in Time: The Fragility of the Historical Memory and Political Powers.”

Lluis Barba is most notable for inputting contemporary iconography into historical masterpieces, utilizing celebrities, ordinary people, art collectors and even his friends into his massive work. Barba’s pieces are often times upwards of 6 feet tall, offering up a monstrous collage with tons to look at. This will be the first time the artist’s work will be displayed in LA, so make the most of your LA Art Show trip and head to The Cynthia Corbett Gallery’s booth and play Where’s Waldo with a few of Barba’s paintings.

"A Question of Truth" by Jon Jaylo
“A Question of Truth” by Jon Jaylo
"Nude Study 2" by Victor Roman
“Nude Study 2” by Victor Roman
"Ascend" by Jon Jaylo
“Ascend” by Jon Jaylo
"Ritual" by Michael Aaron
“Ritual” by Michael Aaron

4. Distinction Gallery

Escondido’s Distinction Gallery has been serving up shows since its inception back in 2004, beginning, and continuing on, as a place where novice and established art collectors can obtain high-quality, original work. Specializing in  artist who work within the contemporary realism, surrealism and urban art mediums — primarily with the human form — Distinction is home to a slew of emerging, mid-career and veteran artists. Phllipines-born Jon Jaylo is a standout selection, serving up surrealist vibes like a young Gustav Klimt, Frida Kahlo or Salvador Dali. Be sure to scope out his work, as well as the work of Victor Roman and Michael Aaron while at the Distinction booth; don’t play yourself.


“Sharing Home” by Cinta Vidal
"Together Alone" by Cinta Vidal
“Together Alone” by Cinta Vidal
"Rock Neighbors" by Cinta Vidal
“Rock Neighbors” by Cinta Vidal
"Excursion" by Cinta Vidal
“Excursion” by Cinta Vidal

5. ThinkSpace Gallery

Focused exclusively on young and emerging artists, Culver City’s Thinkspace Gallery is where you can peep up-and-comers before they catch their wave. Thinkspace’s roster of artists is larger than most galleries, with upwards of 75 contemporary and urban artists in the family. Everyone from Etam Cru’s Sainer to Nosego to Israel’s KNOW HOPE have exhibited in the space. For this year’s Thinkspace x LA Art Show experience, expect to see work from the following:

Alex Yanes
Cinta Vidal
Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker
Drew Young
Ernest Zacharevic
Isaac Cordal
Jacub Gagnon
Jaime Molina (aka Cuttyup)
Jim Houser
Mario Belem
Sean Norvet
Sebas Velasco
Seth Armstrong
Stephanie Buer
Tran Nguyen


way of the modern man

Bonus! The Way of The Modern Man
LA-based artist Jana Cruder explores the intersections of sexuality, gender roles, media construct and human relationships with technology. With her latest creation, The Way of the Modern Man, she constructs an interactive sociological and anthropological assessment of male’s physiological and emotional changes in light of the smartphone. This will be a two-way installation demanding the participation of the audience as well. Stop in to both view, and interact with this installation at the LA Art Show between January 27-31, 2016.

Remember, you have 5 days to get your fill, so no rush. Stroll, consume all free food and drinks that emerge and be merry.

January 27-31, 2016
Thursday Jan. 28, 2016 11am – 7pm
Friday Jan. 29, 2016 11am – 7pm
Saturday Jan. 30, 2016 11am – 7pm
Sunday Jan. 31, 2016 11am – 5pm

Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street West Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90015

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