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Lifestyle photographer and London-native Alex de Mora has snapped everyone from Shaun White and Kreayshawn to Slash and the Queen and you can peep his work in publications like Vice and i-D mag, as well as LAC’s very own Future issue. We’ve always wanted an imperialist (we kid!) pen pal, here’s to hoping he gives us a call next time he’s on this side of the pond.


So, what’s up?

I’m currently stuck behind my laptop screen editing a bunch of pictures.

Can we get you something to drink?

Sure, I’m a bit under the weather so I’ve been drinking tea with fresh lemon and whisky. One of those, please.

Favorite thing to look at?

My laptop screen, evidently.

Rock, paper, or scissors?

Scissors, as it doubles up for a good old British hand gesture.


Do anything last night?

I went with friends to a football match in London. I’m a big Chelsea fan.

How late did you stay up?

I was still up at 4.30am trying to rescue my cat after she got stuck in the basement. Crazy, crazy night.

Meals or snacks?

If I’m shooting I often forget to eat, so definitely snacks. Savory snacks.

Do you sit down in the shower?

I used to do that when I was a kid but, alas, no more.


Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party? Have to be alive.

Emilia Clarke, José Mourinho, Bjork and Elton John.

Your biggest fan?

Strange question… maybe that bored person who went through and liked every single picture on my Instagram.

If life could resemble any film…

The Big Lebowski. I like dressing gowns and white russians.

Who would you commission to take your portrait?

Juergen Teller.

Your favorite hiding spot in LA?

Griffith Park is  a pretty sweet spot. You mean dead bodies or just to hang out?

Blue or black ink?

Black. My friends actually call me ‘Black Al’ because I wear a lot of black.

A shoot you most regret?

I don’t have many of them to be honest. I love what I do!


Cotton or wool socks?

It’s more about the design of a good sock, than the materials for me.

When was the last time you really froke out at someone?

I had a personal freak out with myself earlier.

What was the first thing you said aloud this morning?

Probably “cough, cough cough.“

Are you listening to music right now?

I’m listening to Jon Hopkins album ‘Immunity’ for about the 100th time this year.

Your dream project?

I like to combine fashion with documentary, so probably a big campaign that documents a real story at the same time.


If we gave you $50, what would you buy?

Probably some rolls of film and a few beers.

Last 3 Google searches?

Fred Herzog, Metal veil, Mel C.

What are you doing later?

Drinking more tea with lemon and whisky.

Can we come?

Sure, just be careful you don’t catch my cold or get stuck in the basement.


All photos by Alex de Mora

Stylist: Kylie Griffiths

Hair and Make Up: Lydia Warhurst

Models: Brian Balchin @ FM Models and Rebecca Arnold @ Nevs



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