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Enter Esta, another beat junkie from the Soulection fam, a group that seems to have witnessed overnight popularity and success with their surplus of dope beats and even doper producers. On Tuesday, we caught up with Esta in between lab sessions with his other beat-brethren and rattled his brain — and ran our fingers through his hair — for another segment of 21 QUESTIONS.


So what’s up? Currently chillin! At my pad creating with Mr. Carmack at the moment haha.

Can we get you something to drink? Iced mocha, please.

What are you wearing? Black pants, white tee, and bapes.

Are you interested in anyone right now? Plenty. Cassie, Chanel Iman, Emily Ratajkowski. They’re all my boos.

Do anything last night? Just chilled in the lab with some homies. Always gotta connect with other creative minds.

How late did you stay up? Went home at 6 in the morning haha.

Meals or snacks? Snacks. I’ll snack on chips all day if i could.

How often do you consume alcohol? Not often anymore. Just whenever I play or attend shows.

Has anyone seen you naked recently? I dont think I should answer this because she might read it hahaha.

Blue or black ink? Black.

Ever sit down in the shower? Never that haha.

Are you listening to music right now? A lot of Soulection tunes. Not because thats my fam but the sound constantly pushes me to get better.

Ultimate festival lineup? (Not including yourself) Sango, Ta-Ku, Kaytranada, Mr. Carmack, DaM Funk, The Internet, Disclosure,  TNGHT, Rage Against The Machine, and Mos Def.

Who’s on your work out playlist? I don’t workout 🙁


Most embarrassing moment? In 2nd grade, my first day at my babysitters house. I was taking a nap in a room by myself and woke up with pee all over my pants. I was terrified to leave the room..

If life could resemble any film… It’s not a film but Entourage. I wanna live that life.

Favorite place to go on the weekend? Nowadays probably my parents house. Just relaxing and feasting on home cooked meals.

Your dream project? Probably an album with all my favorite emcees and singers on my production. I definitely need that before I die.

If we gave you $50, what would you buy? I’d put it in my savings to help me save for a new laptop!

What are you doing later? Probably drive to LA to catch the Team Supreme event.

Can we come? If you haven’t been to one you must. It’s a party

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