[columns_row width=”half”] [column][dropcap letter=”T”]heater might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of LA.  Most Angelenos couldn’t point you towards the Music Center  (1st and Grand, by the way). But in an attempt to fight for relevancy, the dramatic forces are getting a little boost from Hollywood. For the Record: a unique, postmodern cabaret fuses theatre and film in for a left-of-center evening of progressive entertainment.

For their most recent installment, For the Record creators Shane Scheel, Christopher Lloyd Bratten, and Anderson Davis mused Quentin Tarantino to design an extraordinary experience, showcasing the best scenes and scores from the director’s iconic films; a vampy badass theater for folks who don’t do theater. The avant-garde take on the conventional burlesque has faired so well with audiences that it’s recently relocated to DBA in order to accommodate the exponentially swelling (and notable) guest list.

The West Hollywood venue features 360 degrees of unobstructed views, remarkable sound and lighting design, and a full 6-piece band to showcase the rapidly cadenced spectacle. Co-creator Scheel explains,

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It was important to create a structure that catered to a slightly ADD crowd.

With art direction by the Emmy winning Matt Steinbrenner, choreography by Justin Bohon (Book of Mormon, 9 to 5, Les Miserables), and cast members Lindsey Gort and Rumer Willis generating considerable buzz— For the Record has attracted the attention of A-lister’s like Miley Cyrus, Leonardo DiCaprio,Barbara Streisand, and Tarantino himself— and has recently expanded its run through July 26th.

Tickets start at just $35—a modest price to bring Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Django Unchained, and Inglorious Bastards to life through their immortal soundtracks. Top it off with decadent cocktails fashioned exclusively for the performance by mixologists Dave Kaplan and Alex Day (of Proprietors LLC), and you’ve got an evening of wicked decadence, stimulating enough to charm the harshest dinner theater contrarian.

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LA-based artist on the rise Marz Leon knows just what she wants. The vocalist/producer has an anticipated EP dropping this summer, and with her deubut single “Loner” making waves (with the video drop today!), Leon has a lot to celebrate — and it’s not just her drop-dead gorgeous style and beauty.

In an exclusive Q+A feature for the LA CANVAS digi-sphere with photography by Taj TPK and styling by Mara Stusser, we see just how confident this music maven is in front of a lens. Her response to a few staple questions we tossed her way — what’s her LA hustle like, words of wisdom and her favorite moments in a recording studio — were as amplified and vibrant as her vocals. Damn, those vocals…

LA CANVAS: What’s the inspiration behind “Loner”?
MARZ LEON: Trying so hard to make other people that I’ve loved in my life happier than I’ve ever had for myself. I learned to let go of the lack of acknowledgement from selfish souls to embrace my lonesome and happiness first.

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LAC: What’s the journey been like in LA as a young emerging music artist?
ML: It’s a struggle but what isn’t? 2014 has actually been a lot more relaxed and natural for my music to come together and grow organically. LA is what you make of it—it’s all about who you surround yourself with and connect to without losing yourself. People get blinded by the flashing lights and idea of fame and forget what their real purpose is in life.

LAC: What’s your most cherished time in the recording studio?
ML: Being able to set my mind free and erase anything and everything that happened before I walked in there.

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LAC: What’s your current playlist?
ML: Music from the past to myself & Frank Ocean.

LAC: Words to live by?
ML: Always do what makes you happy & feel alive. Never focus on the distractions that try and bring an end to your path.

Follow this songstress on Instagram @marzxleon