What is “Resort” season you ask? Just the vacation oriented twin to pre-fall, matching it only in head-scratching questions towards it’s necessity. Created as a get-away packing guide for those who frequent southern French beaches, resort has taken on it’s own following with almost every major fashion house producing a a full look list for the mid-season. When will this be out for you to buy in stores? Come Christmas 2014! Here are the womenswear highlights and trends that are worth the wait:

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We have mixed emotions, but overall the middle child of the Olsen’s powerhouse design world made leaps and bounds towards competing with it’s peers. Norm-core prevails in the best way possible (read: strapless belted jumpers and stripes) and we think we’re fine with it. Does everything always have to shock our socks and sandals off?

[infobox maintitle=”RAG & BONE” subtitle=”MOST LIKELY TO KEEP THE BIRKENSTOCK TREND GOING” bg=”gray” color=”black” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]



Speaking of which, think back to NYFW Spring ’14 amidst the crop of women walking around in a snow blizzard in heels to the single image of Givenchy slides paired with thick wool socks. It was that brave street-style maven who showed how seriously fashion girls take trends and foreshadowed the future of gardener footwear. Rag & Bone brings the clean cuts and neutrals, but pairs it with comfortable Birkenstock-like shoes over a pair of crisp white covers. Who knew we had it so right during our AYSO days?

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Staying true to the brand, Acne combines function with art-school references. Yet more importantly, they demonstrate how fabric is gravitating away from our legs, making it even easier to man-repel. Score.

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Not one to be known for risky business, Andrea Lieberman usually uses a bold print as her innovative move. This time around she brings on the mod dresses, paired with metallic playground-esque footwear. Wearing this to Studio 54 would have guaranteed ‘it’ girl status, so why not see if it will still work?

[infobox maintitle=”OPENING CEREMONY” subtitle=”MOST LIKELY TO BE COMPARED TO A RIHANNA STYLE PHASE” bg=”gray” color=”black” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]



Relevant tangent, but we think we love Rihanna’s “pretty girl swag” moments best. The pink pixie was cool, but she looks like a goddess with red lipstick and VS Angel waves. We have similar emotions towards Opening Ceremony’s cruise wear. It is usually a little more off beat, but we can fully embrace the more feminine and wearable silhouettes. OC proves that sitting pretty in mainstream style can be just as bold.

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Jessie Ware took 2012 by storm with the debut album, “Devotion,” but the UK singer didn’t cease to stop there. Upon the album’s release, a cover of 1990’s R&B group, Brownstone’s “If You Love Me”  took to the blog-o-sphere and thus Ms. Ware has barely left our cranial void. BenZel, producer duo of London’s Two Inch Punch and Benny Blanco, who created the sonically-charged cover have laid another track for Jessie in newly released single, “Tough Love,” which we can only assume is the first glimpse into Jessie’s “Devotion” follow-up.

jessie ware la canvas

Following the Brownstone cover’s lush synth and percussion, Jessie’s vocal stylings progresses throughout the track, alluding to the same kind of devotion and passion onto “Tough Love,” as we heard throughout that stellar first album. Check out the track below.