In 1977, at the peak of the Sex Pistol’s popularity, Sid Vicious gave an interview, saying, “I will probably die by the time I reach 25. But I’ll have lived the way I wanted to.” The band would break up in 1978 and Sid would continue to work on his solo projects up until his death from a heroin overdose on February 2nd, 1979 at the age of 21.

If Johnny Rotten was the voice of the Sex Pistols, Sid was the face. As the brashest member, he was known to perform covered in his own blood as audience goers physically assaulted him – such was the case in the now famous Longhorn Ballroom performance in Dallas, T.X. where he had written “GIMME MY FIX” on his chest. It’s safe to say, Sid was punk as fuck. Only a few get to be an international notorious figure at his age by simply being obscene, and only a very few help spark a revolutionary subculture because of it. Not only was he one of the main radical stylish icons who defined the punk look – he lived it. He lived it way before he joined the Sex Pistols, before he played with Siouxsie & The Banshees; he had always been the exact type of person that would eventually follow his counter-culture lifestyle – a rebellious problem child. Behind his attitude and self-destructive choices, he was an enigma. Whatever happened on the night his girlfriend Nancy Spungen was found dead from a knife wound at his apartment will forever remain a mystery. A note found on Sid the morning he was found lifeless read, “We had a death pact. I have to keep my half of the bargain. Please bury me next to my baby in my leather jacket, jeans and motorcycle boots. Goodbye.”


The current exhibit SID: SUPERMAN IS DEAD, showing at Subliminal Projects in Echo Park, is a collaborative retrospect between graphic artist Shepard Fairey and English photographer Dennis Morris on the short-lived but ultimately impactful career of Sid Vicious. For its opening this past Friday, an all-star line up of of musicians including Billy Idol (Generation X), Steve Jones (The Sex Pistols), Leigh Gorman (Blondie), and Clem Burke (Adam and The Ants), performed together as a band, calling themselves Ritchie Love. Inside the gallery, separate rooms contained works by Dennis and Shepard. The focal point was a life size replica of a hotel room trashed by Sid in 1977.

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Love Nail Tree is a lifestyle brand dedicated to provoking the conversation of topics neglected and often ignored by the industry. They believe that storytelling is the best vehicle used to ignite the kind of dialog needed to inspire change. They deliver their message through apparel, jewelry, film and print, on a mission to exploit the undercurrent of deception, over-consumption and fickleness found in the fashion world.

Cold Shoulder — Our latest VENUS//MARS, features the conscious unisex designs of Love Nail Tree, who strive to cultivate a healthy environment for change with comfy cotton Ts and sweats as their vessels. We’re with you, LNT, we too have been feeling the chill as Los Angeles cools down after a long, hot summer.

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Melbourne-based singer, Chelsea Wheatley — or more affectionately known as Chela — has been brandishing about some irresistible electro synth-pop that not only caught our attention recently, but also the folks at Noisey. With singles like “Romanticise,” “Plastic Gun,” and “Full Moon,” Chela might be another Melbourne-ite to make a big international breakthrough. Check out her 21 Questions segment with us below.

So what’s up?
I’m busily getting ready to shoot my next music video this weekend for ‘Zero’ which will be my first single of 2014.

Can we get you something to drink?
Yes please! I’m dreaming of a root beer float.

What are you wearing?
Black leather pants, silver docs, a silver silk sports vest and a gold chain with a dragon holograph pendant which I got from The Cobra Shop a couple weeks ago.

Are you interested in anyone right now?
I’m interested in lots of people.

Do anything last night?
I went to watch a few friends bands play at The Kelvin Club in Melbourne – Citizen Sex & All The Colours. It was a good time.

How late did you stay up?
Til 1, way past my bedtime.

Meals or snacks?
Meals! Big burgers with fries and a shake!

How often do you consume alcohol?
Never unless it’s in dessert, I’m intolerant. I’ve got the AZN flush.

Favorite rapper?

Blue or black ink?

Ever sit down in the shower?
Heck no, I’m a ‘germaphobe’.

Who’s on your current playlist?
Too many to list. Arthur Russell, Kindness, Aaliyah, Doobie Brothers, Andrew W. K. Haim, Blood Orange, Arcade Fire, Chairlift, M83, Backstreet Boys to name a few..

Favorite 2000’s pop hits?
Too many to list again! Here’s some – Casanova by Ultimate Kaos, Getting Jiggy With It by Will Smith, Say My Name by Destiny’s Child, Toxic by Britney, Doo Wop That Thing by Lauryn Hill, Hey Ya by Outkast, Pop Ya Collar by Usher, Ride With Me by Nelly, Remix To Ignition by R. Kelly.

Favorite One Direction member?
The only one whose name I know is Harry Styles, is he the one with the hair? :/

Most embarrassing moment?
This is hard! I don’t get embarrassed often. Maybe when I had to wear a plate in my mouth at school (I had fucked teeth), I was pretty embarrassed about that.

If life could resemble any film…
Peter Pan.

Favorite place to go on the weekends?
Wide Open Road in Brunswick for breakfast.

Your dream project?
To make an album next year!

If we gave you $50, what would you buy?
Everyone a round of root beer floats.

What are you doing later?
Going to the opening of my friends new vintage motorcycle store.

Can we come?
Heck yes!