Halloween is around the corner and that means we are embracing all things creepy – much like this video. Javier Peréz mixes sculpture, performance and video in his latest piece. He takes a ballerina, Amélia Ségarra, places her in knife-led pointe shoes, and proceeds to have her dance atop a grand piano. Trying to stay balanced, Ségarra scrapes and digs the knife points into the piano creating a bone chilling soundtrack.


 While ballet is usually viewed as delicate and beautiful, Perez uses it to display contradictions of human nature: fragility//strength, life//death, beauty//violence. The balancing act between them — as emulated by Amélia — at times can be beautiful, if not simultaneously agonizing and ruthless. The three minute short film makes you anxious, nervous, and enthralled every second.


The music we listen to oftentimes becomes the soundtrack of our lives – they become triggers to jog our memories, to remind us of where we’ve been, who we were with and where we wanted to go.

Graphic artist Scott Hansen – or better known as musician/producer Tycho – has finally released his first single from the follow-up LP to his 2011 release, Dive. The track, titled “Awake,” stays true to Tycho’s signature aesthetic that can be found simultaneously in his artwork and his music: clean, crisp layers that are meticulously strung together, almost to a fault.


Contrary to his mellowed-out Dive, “Awake” walks along the line of being the total opposite. The track’s stand out guitars and bass are bright, driven by the mid-tempo drums and floating melodies that remind us of warm July nights that we’re not quite ready to let go of yet. Hallelujah for Indian summers.

Check out the rest of Tycho’s tracks and Dive here.


UPXUNDR pretty much gets it: Streetwear is the new menswear. This LA-based brand started creating menswear and streetwear synergy just a few months ago, and already have a medley of perfectly-executed button-up baseball jerseys made from atypical materials. Also part of their collection is the sought-after Lord Tee with its perfectly baby-soft feel and classic fit. With smart menswear pieces like these, the movement is experiencing something of a renaissance, and those smart enough to stay TRU to their niche market will prevail.

joel menswear

UPXUNDR owners Jon, Jovin and Jun are producing the clothes they want to wear as adults, while still paying homage to those years growing up in the $treetwear $truggle. UPXUNDR‘s authenticity and gimmick-free designs are what men want to wear right now– and the ladies have taken notice, too. The brand responded accordingly and hopes to soon make extra smalls available to a more dainty clientele. For this week’s VENUS//MARS online feature, our in-house stylists here at LA CANVAS demonstrate the female//male potential of the perfectly crisp white poplin baseball jersey from their latest collection (available online next week).

joel by ron

madison by ron

As per usual, we take our featured garments to the mean streets of Los Angeles to exist in their natural state.

cute by ron

color fashion

black and white together

If this is what UPXUNDR looks like on the grind, well, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Can’t wait till next week? To pre-order the white poplin baseball jersey right now, contact: [email protected]

FEMALE MODEL: Madison Williams @ LA Models
MALE MODEL: Joel Alexander @ Next
ART DIRECTOR: Lauren McQuade
STYLING: Aaron Ramey, Lauren McQuade
MAKEUP ARTIST: Michelle Sosnowski
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Mark Wales, Ron Pre