Some may consider 69 clothing to be ambiguous, but the collection might better describe itself as being demographic-free. The collection, an assortment of atypical unisex items, is made and produced here in L.A. In the last three years of running and designing 69, the brains behind the clothing brand has remained anonymous, solely relying on the clothes created to “speak for themselves.” The pieces, as unique as they may seem, are accessible in their playfulness, comfort, and aesthetic strikingness. 69 recently released its SS14 collection and was gracious enough to give LAC a low-key interview.


LA CANVAS: What’s the reason with remaining anonymous?

69: I’m not interested in notoriety. I would prefer 69 to be recognized as brand, not a single person.

LAC: So what can you tell us about yourself?

69: Not much.

LAC: Do you have a background in design?

69: I do! I’ve been designing since I was a kid.

LAC: What got you into it?

69: I think it’s one of the things I was born to do.

LAC: Why denim, is it its versatility?

69: Exactly.


LAC: OK, let’s jump into your new collection, SS14. Break down the types of items we’ll see. 

69: You’re going to see all the classics with some new stuff. Most of the clothes I make are unisex, but there is this dress in particular that will hopefully translate as a male dress first, women second.

LAC: What was the creative process?

69: Head to hand to paper to cloth.

LAC: How much do you experiment and how much is already conceptualized?

69: 40/60

LAC: Does creating unisex items give you more freedom to be creative or does it place in you in a difficult spot of trying to please both genders?

69: I’ve never considered gender much. Some pieces are definitely more female and some are more male. It’s more about how the wearer appropriates the garment to their mood and life.


LAC: We always notice the large diversity in the people (and animals) you use as your models, is this important to you? Does this say anything about the type of person you see wearing 69?

69: Yes and yes. 69 is non demographic.

LAC: What’s behind the name 69?

69: 69 is a symbol that has transcended its original meaning to become what I envision the brand to be. That is a symbol that represents everyone.

View more from 69’s collection here.



When it comes to cocktails, Talmadge Lowe is all about what we’d like to phrase, “classic ingenuity.” A seemingly paradoxical term, Talmadge’s concoctions are a nod to mid-century cocktail culture, channeling the elegance and sophistication of the time, while incorporating unique ingredients like fennel and black walnut bitters, or grated nutmeg. A former actor, Lowe’s culinary chops were developed in the bowels of struggling-actor-dom, having worked almost every job in the restaurant business, he eventually ended up in catering.

Harnessing the dread of rubber chicken dinners and uninspiring cocktails alike, Lowe decided to venture into conceiving his own creations, laying the foundation for what would become Pharmacie—a roving, underground speakeasy of sorts that has now evolved into a bespoke cocktail catering service.





At the center of it all are lovingly crafted libations. You won’t find superfluous flavored spirits (“What on earth is buttered popcorn vodka?” laughs Tal). Instead, you’ll find homemade syrups and shrubs, and a menu of cocktails put together with strategic dexterity. After a consultation with his clients, Lowe goes back home and prepares. Beyond the taste of the drink itself, style and aesthetic play a critical role in all his productions, down to the glassware used, the uniforms of staff, the color and vibrance of the cocktail, and even the name of the libation itself, which, in Lowe’s eyes, should elicit a gastronomically inquisitive reaction.


Which brings us to our featured drink: Indian Summer. A smoky mezcal is complemented by the herbal aroma of Yellow Chartreuse. Homemade honey syrup mellows the drink with rich sweet notes, while lime balances the drink with some necessary acidity. Finally, says Lowe, “dashes of Angostura bitters give it a little pop and depth, like a little firecracker.” The result? A supremely refreshing drink we wouldn’t mind extending our hazy summer for.

2 ct. Mezcal
1 ct. Honey Syrup*
1.5 ct. Yellow Chartreuse
1 ct. Lime
2 Dashes of Angostura Bitters (dash into drink before you shake and pour into glass)
1 Lime Wheel Garnish
Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice and shake vigorously. Then strain into a glass. Add garnish.
*To make the honey syrup add water (8 oz.) and honey (8 oz.) and heat together until the honey thins out.
Always let cool to room temperature before using. Refrigerating overnight is strongly recommended.

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Recap: Clae Fall Collection + Steven Alan Collaboration Party

As these last few nights of summer wind down we found ourselves basking in a smorgasbord of hors d’oeuvres from My Two Cents LA, cold beverages from New Castle & New Amsterdam vodka and live music by Suitman, Mathieu Schreyer, DJ Jules, and DJ Hiro NYC at Our Favorite Shop for the intimate premier of the Clae Footwear x Steven Alan collaboration kick off party. Tastemakers all over Los Angeles vibed and shopped around for some limited-edition releases of Clae’s next level shoe game. This leading footwear brand took a popularly casual mid-top shoe, the ‘Strayhorn Vibrams’ and treated it to a spa day makeover with a newly pioneered edge of grizzly chic durability. In case you missed the rare collab event, don’t sweat it, there are still some shoes available in deep navy and gravel gray. With only 300 made in each color technique, they are guaranteed to run out quickly, so be sure to get your hands on these rugged stompers ASAP, here.

Rod from Steven Alan flexin’ the gravel gray


Sung, the owner of Clae Footwear spinnin’ jams






For the Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martian of The Internet, it was out with the trippy and in with the funky. Their latest single, titled “Dontcha,” features a delicate, soulful and sexy Syd over a bouncy drum line and a deep bass groove. The track serves as the blog-o-sphere’s first official taste of their sophomore album, “Feel Good,” due at the end of this month.

Syd’s vocals still come across as laidback, but are more definitive and don’t shy away from Matt’s soundscape, which had a little production boost from Chad Hugo and Mike Einziger. A year ago, very few would place Syd’s vocal capabilities alongside words like “sultry” and “sexy,” but a track like this might force many to think twice about it.

On the production front, Syd Tweeted to fans that this project is a 180-degree flip from the duo’s original electronic sound, and that it was slated to be a funk and neo-soul album – notarizing a quick maturation in their musical direction.


With features from Chad Hugo, Thundercat, Mike Einziger, Jesse Boykins III and Malaysian heartthrob Yuna, “Feel Good” will sure to have you, well… feel good.

Catch The Internet at Low End Theory on Sept. 25th and at the Odd Future Carnival at the Los Angeles Colesium on Nov. 9.


Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 12.12.26 PM

Photo cred: @mr_tsp

Summer is ending and we know you spent all your money on a good time (re: alcohol). Lucky for you, your alcoholic beverages are giving back. Stella Rosa wine is giving you the opportunity to be a part of their first ever contest in order to win back some of that quickly dispersed cash and then some, $2,500 to be exact.

Before anything, open up that Instagram app – we know it is first on your recently used list because you check it every 5 minutes – we’re guilty of this too, don’t worry.

Then, snap a funky, cool pick of your Stella Rosa bottle and BE CREATIVE! Get your friend in the pic or revisit that scenic picnic spot you went to last weekend with your favorite Stella flavor in hand. Or, do something way more creative than anything we could think of, we know you got it in you.

Next, bust out those hashtags we all love so much and #stellasummer

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 12.20.08 PM

Photo cred: @yovanitta

Now, you are entered in the contest. But, you aren’t quite finished yet.
Your photo will then be put on the Stella Rosa Facebook page where you can share the image with your friends and get them to vote. The winner will be picked on October 1st.

To truly get started, visit: 

Let the stellabrating commence and check out the video below for more details.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 12.21.51 PM

Photo cred: @amy___________