If you have ever leafed through a magazine, then you have seen their work. It’s that simple. They’re among the most sought after fashion photographers. For over twenty five years the strangely perfect Dutch couple known as Inez & Vinoodh, have been creating larger-than-life photographs of iconoclast figures and celebrities for most of the world’s major leading magazines and fashion campaigns.

Their photos skillfully walk the fine line between high-end glossy editorials and showcase-ready artwork that merit the standards set by top art galleries including The Gagosian Gallery in Paris, which opened a retrospective exhibit of their work early this year and will now move the collection over to their Beverly Hills gallery and run it from July 12th – August 23rd.


Inez & Vinoodh are both talent partners and marital partners, and this double relationship is reflected in the way they play with dual parallels in their photographs, mixing glamour with gothic, pop art with classical imagery, and hyper-realism with human sensibility. Supreme idols become gentle giants and models become far from perfect or sometimes unfathomably beautiful.




The two partnered up after meeting at the Vogue Academy of Fashion Design in 1986. They rose through the art community with their experimental photographs, eventually landing a yearlong residency at The PS1 Contemporary Art Museum in New York from 1992-1993. They finally broke into fashion in 1994 with their photographic story For Your Pleasure released in the cult 90s magazine, The Face.

Since then, they have been two of the most commissioned photographers whose work are by now ubiquitous in fashion. And although their work is no longer as experimental as it once was, they have been credited as early pioneers of digital manipulation that is still relevant and used by so many other photographers today.



The exhibit will explore the various phases they have covered through almost three decades worth of work, encompassing a large collection of portraits and early ambitious work.

The show’s opening reception takes place at the Beverly Hills Gagosian Gallery, July 12th, from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.


Max Brenner - Cover


In your haste to recover from your 4th of July weekend shenanigans, you may have missed the fact that Monday was National Chocolate Day. But let’s not pretend we don’t want every day to be National Chocolate Day. While we wish we could fly to New York or Vegas and eat chocolate fondue at Max Brenner’s all day, why do that when we can overdose on chocolate in our own backyard?

We geared up for the tough task of chocolate-tasting around the city to bring you this round-up of Los Angeles spots with off-menu (read: kinda secret) chocolate items and other get-it-while-you-can chocolate goodies, so you can celebrate the city’s own chocolate secrets, everyday. These items, of course, are subject to availability, so make sure you call ahead before you head out on your indulgent chocolate adventure.



Cognoscenti Coffee

What originally began as a pop-up coffee shop soon became a permanent namesake in Los Angeles’s coffee culture when Cognoscenti Coffee opened up shop in Culver City. Aside from attracting regulars and curious coffee heads, the shop has also wooed customers with their secret menu item: Hot Chocolate. Even better than homemade, their mix is a decadent concoction brewed with organic cocoa beans and Straus Family Creamery’s barista milk.

6114 Washington Blvd., Culver City, (310) 363-7325,




Although Craig’s is known for its high-profile celebrity sightings, this Hollywood restaurant may still have a few secrets of their own. For those feeling a little adventurous, the Chocolate Pizza off their mystery menu is worth a try. Craig’s chefs prepare the dessert by melting three types of chocolate chips, bittersweet, white and milk, over a honey wheat pizza crust. The flatbread is then sprinkled with cookie crumbs before being topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Hot and cold, warm and chewy.

8826 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, (310), 276-1900,


Short Order

The restaurant was founded in 2011 by Amy Pressman and Bill Chait who had a common love for preparing meals with locally grown and organic ingredients. Today, Short Order exists as a fast but casual two-story establishment with an outdoor patio to enjoy the daytime glow and evening breeze. Those wanting to try their secret menu can try their luck ordering a Black Forest Custard Shake. If available, the shake is the perfect sweetness to any Short Order meal. The drink is a mixture of chocolate custard milkshake and cherry compote, drizzled with chocolate chunks and topped off with a dark cherry.

6333 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, (323) 761-7970,



ChocolateBox Cafe

Those looking to experiment with new flavors might find ChocolateBox Cafe a hot chocolate revival for the taste buds. Although no longer a secret, the Belgian-inspired cafe has released their off-menu list of gourmet hot chocolate selections melted from the finest flavored chocolate shavings. The cafe has curated a mix of unlikely flavors including Cinnamon, Ginger and Earl Grey.

3939 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu, (310) 456-7977,
Photo credits: Let Them Eat Cake, HuffPo, FoodGPS, Grub Street



Cruising west on Olympic, it’s pretty easy to drive right past culinary gem, Tapenade. It’s unassuming refectory nestled in the Olympic Collection plaza was admittedly hard to track down even with our updated version of Google Maps, but alas, we spotted the location by process of elimination and scored some free street parking (after 3p, yep, 3) that had us strolling into the well-lit lounge with a satisfied and confident skip in our step.


ORIGINAL Brussels Sprouts small ITALIAN Brussel Sprouts2 small MEDITERRANEAN Brussel Sprouts small THAI Brussel Sprouts small

L-R: Original, Italian, Mediterranean, and Thai Brussels Sprouts

Chef Ressul Rassallat opened his first restaurant on the Westside after 20 years creating elaborate dishes at internationally award winning hotels and restaurants.  Tapenade, which he personally constructed from the open and unique interiors, to the impressive California “Mediterranean influenced” menu with flavors derived from Italy to Morocco.  Tucked away on the corner of Sawtelle and Olympic (“West LA’s Little Japan”), Tapenade is the latest addition to this growing restaurant row of established eateries that step a bit left of traditional Asian cuisine.  Rassallat, a member of the American Culinary Foundation, is known not only for his tremendous expertise in all things gastronomic, but also for his fine palate, outside-the-box fusions and attention to detail. The culinary exhilaration we enjoyed in his recipes kept us blabbing to our friends throughout the long weekend. Brussels Sprouts four different ways? Sure, why not? One time for the Cabernet and champagne flavored sea salt.


Sangria1 small


ProsciuttoManchengoTerrine1 horz small

Prosciutto Manchego Terrine

Lamb Angioletti 1small

Lamb Angioletti

champagneburgundySalts2 small

Burgundy and Champagne Salts



An exhibit loaded with ideas and architectural ingenuity, A New Sculpturalism sets to inspire us by highlighting the city’s structural heritage and future.

Los Angeles has been a constant canvas for architects such as Richard Neutra and Frank Gehry now and throughout history to build upon. To follow and celebrate Los Angeles’s architectural legacy and future, MOCA and Pacific Standard Time collaborated on A New Sculpturalism at the Geffen Contemporary, on show now through September 9th.

The exhibit explores 38 emerging architectural practices and firms involved in Los Angeles’s modern architecture for the past 25 years. With seasoned and established architects like Gehry and Eric Owen Moss to newcomers like Tom Wiscombe, A NEW SCULPTURISM strives to showcase the innovation and potential of Los Angeles, posing the city as a true center of architectural creativity and intellect.



This collaborative showcase involves not only architectural heavy weights like Thom Mayne, but also numerous renowned foundations and institutions such as the Southern California Institute for Architecture (SCI-Arc), the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Southern California Department of Architecture. This exhibit is possibly the architectural highlight of the year.



Photo Credits: MOCA, Arrested Motion, Ras Mike-Ick



We spy some 90s inspiration coming from London mens apparel company Tourne De Transmission. Color blocking, monochromatic and strong imagery is an aesthetic that TDT loves to hold on to and they do so in alluring fashion. The “Streets is a Jungle” tagline is nicely executed to represent these paneled shorts, printed sweaters, leather biker jacket and caps for their 2014 collection.








LA CANVAS partnered up with Red Bull Panamerika and Marshall Audio to host a surprise invite-only show last week at Los Globos in Silverlake. After many sleepless nights of anticipation, it was announced two days before that Bosnian Rainbows would be the big surprise. Made up of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of the Mars Volta, Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes, Deantoni Parks also from the Mars Volta and Nicci Kasper of KRS-ONE, the group is an indie Frankenstein masterpiece in terms of lineup, and it’s not all about Omar this time.

Having released their first record just a few days before the secret show, the buzz around Bosnian Rainbows is undeniable, as every show they play is for a packed house of devoted fans despite only releasing their record two weeks ago. The workhorse band has generated a following the good ol’ fashioned way: shows, shows, shows.


After seeing them play, we get it. Despite the show’s early-ish start time, people were lined up down the block hours before Bosnian Rainbows were supposed to go on. When the doors opened, the fans took their place at the front of the stage leaving them only inches from the instruments. Once a couple hundred people filled the intimate (read: sweaty) setting, the show began. The set started exactly as the album does, and was played from start to finish. The entire room was slick with perspiration and yet not one person could keep their eyes off of Teri.

Teri Gender Bender made everyone crush that night, as she took to the stage barefoot and ready to put on a hell of a show. Her stage performances have made headlines since her days in Le Butcherettes. Enigmatic, Teri is an all-star frontwoman. Her body convulsed with the music and she used everything within sight as a prop. Pacing the stage looking almost tribal, she clearly had not been skipping Zumba class. Omar, Deantoni and Nicci stayed anchored to their posts and all eyes were on Teri.

Bosnian Rainbows ended their set with “Mother, Father, Set Us Free” just as the self-titled album does. There was no encore because there was nothing left to play; they don’t do covers and don’t play music from their other bands so that was it. The show was over.


The good news is we can relive it as many times as we want thanks to the Internet! Below is a teaser trailer for an interview we did with the group. Stay tuned to our social media for the full interview!

The album was released on Sargent House/Rodriguez-Lopez Productions. Check it out on Bandcamp now.

Photo Credits: Erik Voake, Red Bull Content Pool





Having revamped and restyled luxury brands from Nina Ricci and Lanvin, to YSL in Paris, former CEO and President of said companies, Paul Deneve, arrives in California at the helm of not another fashion company, but at consumer electronics giant, Apple. The man responsible for working with Alber Ebaz and hiring Hedi Slimane, was hired by Tim Cook as the new Vice President working on “special projects” by the Silcon Valley Company.



Having helped YSL sales rise  34% to €472.8 million ($617.6 million), who knows what this ultra-leader will do with Apple with shoes like Steve Jobs’ to fill. His former position at YSL is being filled both by Hedi Slimane as Creative Director and Bottega Veneta’s Francesca Bellettini.



With products like the new Mac and future iPhones already branded as luxury devices in a highly stylized manner, we might as well get used to the “virtual catwalk” these products will be featured on.


Source: Wall Street Journal, Apple Insider, Digital Trends