It’s been said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The idiom has inspired and provoked the human condition for centuries. Holy Carter aka Jay-Z even wrote a song about it. We at LA CANVAS chose to entertain this dichotomy by pairing two emerging LA-based stylists and icons growing in fashion scene against each other.  The street-chic sensibility and fireball energy of Ann Marie Hoang paired with the artistic, grunge-prep, lady-killer vibes of Justin Barco makes for a perfect match-up. In honor of PUBLISH BRAND‘s 2013 release, we pulled in the Jogger Pants and some of our favorites.

LAC: First question is where did you get your start?

Ann Marie: My Uncle, Hau Nguyen, owner of Duc Duc Salon in Torrance taught me good work ethic. My hustle was recognized by Aban Sonia, Boss lady at Art.

Justin Barco : I started off modeling, and my style caught on to people so I just made the best of what I could and the things I knew and started developing my own brand/career from there.




LAC: Both of you guys like to flirt with androgyny in your personal style. Explain why. 

JB: In my case as a male I feel that  one should be a balance between both masculinity and femininity and I mean that with out a sexual connotation but to understand our type of being and taste of culture. I look for art in all elements so to me it’s show casing pieces I’ve collected through time.

AM: I flirt with everything fashion related. I don’t discriminate, but I like the dichotomy of mixing feminine and masculine pieces together. That’s the luxury of being a lady, we can pull off anything.

LAC: So, Ann Marie, why wardrobe styling?

AM: Style can change your entire mood. It can make you feel like a badass, or sexy, or whimsical, etc. I like to translate these feelings to my audience. Aside from editorial work, I chose to style individuals because I believe that everyone has style. I like to maximize the potential inner-badass in each individual that I work with. I love to see my clients discover who they really are stylistically. It is the most rewarding part of what I do.




LAC: Justin, I’m interested as to know how optimistic are you about your future in fashion?

JB: I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities, and have been in settings that I never imagined to be, so I’m looking forward to what is in store for me in the arts. I’m very optimistic.

LAC: Educate us on the LA “indie” fashion scene?

AM: Well LA is a melting pot of a lot of different sub cultures within the city. We have WEHO where folks tend to be more avant-garde, Beverly Hills where folks are more classic casual, Downtown’s where folks tend to be more fashion-forward, then we have Venice where folks are more boho. That’s what I love about LA’s  indie fashion scene–you can be transported to a whole different world by driving 10 mins.

JB: Personally, don’t like it, I feel its too saturated and corporations made it a bit cheesy.

LAC: I have this amour with cliche questions. Ok. Where do you think you’ll be in 3 years?

AM: In 3 years I see myself traveling more to expand my own personal taste in style.

JB: Lol- Ah man ha,  it’s a hard to say but I’m working on it, definitely somewhere beautiful. I’ll make sure to get back to this question in 3 years.


“I’m on that red wine, shorty likes white. Same shit different toilet, we both getting nice”
– Jay-Z “Venus vs. Mars” 

Photographer: Mark Wales


At LA CANVAS, we have our eyes and ears everywhere. Sometimes we’re better off for it and sometimes, unfortunately, we wish we could hit the rewind button and recoup our time.

Recently, we fell deep through the Youtube abyss to scour through some of our favorite/most creative music videos released this last week. What we discovered, aside from the fact that puppies and baby cheetahs make an amazing, unlikely duo, shark attack videos are morbidly engrossing, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” new vid is, well, kinda rapey, and Miley Cyrus needs to just chill (c’mon Diane Martel! We love you, but real talk, girl, we would never let T.I. anywhere near our hair), there are, in fact, some real gems in the mix.

Peep our fave video releases from this past week:

M.I.A. – “Bring The Noize”

The pink haired provocateur is back with the new release off her upcoming album, Matangi. Bring the Noize (a tribute to Public Enemy’s 1987 classic of the same name) follows M.I.A. to  an underground club  (or a synth-pop version of Diddy’s White Party) where she and fellow dancers, all clad in white, dance to a ridiculously infectious beat. Love it or hate it, props to a girl who can rock out in all white and come out of it without a single stain.
M.I.A.’s fourth album, Matangi is due out this fall.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Despair”

Who the hell knew the Yeah Yeah Yeahs would be the first to film a video atop the Empire State Building? The band filmed on the observation deck from 2 a.m. until just after sunrise, before the public was admitted. The song builds slowly, as does the imagery, beginning in a bummer dive bar to crescendoing atop the iconic building as the sun begins to rise. Itchy trigger fingers should skip to the end of the video, where helicopters capture a spectacular long shot of Karen O and the band prancing along one of the world’s tallest buildings.

Although bands have applied before to shoot atop the Empire State Building before, nobody had met the production requirements. Anthony E Malkin, president of the Empire State’s operators was surprised it took 84 years for the first video to happen: “Credit to [Yeah Yeah Yeahs] for having the gumption to ask.” We second that.

“Despair” is the latest single from Mosquito, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ fourth studio album.

Robyn feat. Snoop Dogg  – “U Should Know Better”

While the song may be off of Robyn’s 2010 Body Talk album, the music video was just released last week. To which we say, “What took you so long Robyn? This track is killer.”
The video features a boy Robyn and She-Snoop kicking ass and taking names all over the neighborhood while challenging gender roles at the same time.

Cloud Control – “Dojo Rising”

Shot on location in Bolivia, this bizarre video has us captivated. From sad clowns to demonic children and bullet wounds made of glitter, the video is beautiful from start to finish. Even if we don’t totally get it.
“Dojo Rising” is the latest single from the Australian band Cloud Control off their forthcoming album Dream Cave due out in September.

Hanni el Khatib – “Penny”

We have to admit, we were a little surprised with El Khatib’s newest release. While “Penny” may be more of a pop ditty than we’ve ever heard from the rocker, the video brings the edge right back. In it, orange-suit clad inmates are portrayed crooning to the track, becoming more and more emotive as the song progresses. The Simon Cahn-directed video is a humorous juxtapostion of lyric and imagery.

Be sure to look for the Hanni El Khatib’s Head in the Dirt LP on sale now.

Solange – “Losing You”

Ok, ok, this one isn’t a newbie. but this video and Solange are just so damn charming, we can’t stop watching it.
Directed by famed video director Melina Matsoukas and styled by Ty Hunter, the vid takes us on a super stylish, cinematic journey through the streets of Cape Town with bold prints and gorgeous colors. It is a visual feast, better than the track itself, and will make you hit replay over and over again. We certainly did.

You can purchase the whole album here


Kevin Smith is clearly an extension of his own films, so much so that at times it’s difficult to separate him from the crude-humored characters he’s created over his twenty year career as a writer, director, and actor. At a recent Q&A at The Los Angeles Film School, the students loudly greeted Kevin as he stood in front of them wearing his signature hockey jersey and long denim shorts, preparing to answer questions on the craft of film-making which would often send Kevin into a hilarious rant.


The Q&A session was part of the school’s on going “Film School Fridays” program, which was recorded and released as a podcast earlier this week. Students participated by asking questions raging in topics from how to find financial backing for their projects to how to treat crew members. LAC was excited to catch Kevin teach the young “cats” a thing or two about Hollywood.

While he never missed a beat to make fun of his weight, his pot smoking habits, or his sidekick Jason Mewes (the talking airhead member of Jay and Silent Bob), as the session progressed, the Q&A became more of an intimate talk among the students and their guest. The Kevin that seemed to had stepped right out of Mallrats, became the big brother in the room, genuinely motivating the students to pursue their dreams.

Shannen Doherty with Kevin Smith - Mallrats

Kevin is set to retire from making “mainstream movies” after completing the third installment of the movie that started it all, Clerks, some time next year. Make sure to listen to the podcast at The Los Angels Film School’s website or Kevin Smith’s Smodcast.