It’s almost time for the most beloved (or dreaded) Hallmark holiday of the year, so we’ve compiled three looks to suit any February 14th perspective. Make this an inspiration board for what to wear to all your cutesy (or anti-love) festivities.


The Romantic

For the girl who actually has semi-regular plans (i.e. dinner and the Flux Screenings at the Hammer) and is actually excited to get out with her love interest (It’s ok to admit it!) this look is just literal enough to make Valentine’s Day feel slightly different than the other date nights.


The Realist


For the girl who is not in the mood to accessorize with heart  and floral prints, yet wants to do something besides stay in and watch another season of Parks and Recreation, we have a more classic outfit for any activity you have planned. This is perfect for a show (EELS are playing The Observatory and Dead Meadow is headlining at The Troubadour) or just grabbing a bite at less romantic locations (i.e. that hole-in-the-wall spot you’ve been wanting to try.)


The Cynic

If you’re going out despite your disinterest in all things Valentine, you’ll be battling against hoards of couples invading every popular hot-spot. In which case a military jacket and combat boots are your ideal uniform. Whether you are attending an Anti-Valentine’s Day party or staying in to avoid the cheesy decor most dining establishments will be donning for the night, this look will ensure you an unromantic evening.




What can be more romantic than a steamy, sensual, hot cup of freshly brewed coffee on a cool winter night? Well, we can’t think of any publicly appropriate mentionables at the moment, so we invite you to spend your Valentine’s Day at the LA Coffee Crawl & Throwdown. The event, hosted by LA Coffee Club, encourages lovers to visit the city’s best local coffee shops and roasters. Coffee crawlers get points for checking in to specific coffee joints to be entered into a grand giveaway. The event culminates in an afterparty from 6-10pm at Project Gallery + Espresso, where the Coffee Crawl’s throwdown will take place and the city’s best baristas will battle it out, showcasing their best latte art for bragging rights.

Below we picked out some of our favorites featured in the crawl:


Project Gallery + Espresso

Rich, creamy espresso, a large open gallery and artwork by the month’s featured artist, Ian Ross.

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 7.36.28 PM


Iota Brew Cafe

A hidden gem in K-town, Iota serves up coffee, spirits and delectable sweets like the B&W cake pictured below.


Graffiti Sublime Coffee 

Sleek interior design, delicious coffee & baked goods and the right music to complete the experience.


Handsome Coffee Roasters 

Good coffee accompanied by eye candy (read: handsome baristas.) How can one resist?



Love hipster-watching while you sip your cup of [strong] coffee? Intelligentsia is the spot to be.

For more information visit:




Oops, it’s February 13th. Have you been stumped for a gift that’s sweet or funny but not overly gooey? Maybe want something that is a little more original than chocolate or flowers? Get in your car and get to the craft/hardware store and let’s get to it. Here’s a super fast and simple idea for the “red neck wine glass” and the same idea as a catch-all (or jewelry stand).



-E-6000 glue (available at most hardware/craft stores)
-a [mason] jar
-a candle stick holder
-a plate
-other glass bowls/jars



1. Decide how you want your thing to look (if you’re going for the catch-all). The “wine glass” is pretty straight forward.


2. Run a good bead of E-6000 along the lip of the candle stick.



3. Put your jar/plate/whatever you decided on top. (Repeat if you’re doing a catch-all.)

4. Let it cure for 24 hours. You can help speed up the process by using a hair dryer on LOW. Do not aim the heat directly at the glue.

5. Gift it. Enjoy!

-Try thrift shops or dollar stores if you don’t already have candlesticks and jars on hand
-Fill it with candy or love letters or a terrarium
-Use candlesticks with wide bases to increase stability
-Don’t mess with it while it’s curing/drying
-Use a plate and candle stick to make a cake stand